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West Branch Claims EBC Title

The West Branch Warriors have won the EBC championship by beating the Carrollton Warriors with a score of 56-43. The contribution of the two sophomores, Jeremiah Thomas (6-2/2-14 points) and Gavin Gregory (4-3/4-10 points) was significant in leading West Branch to their first EBC championship since 2022. (Post-game interviews below)

West Branch scored 37 points in the second quarter and led 37-20 at the half. However, Carrollton began the third quarter with a 10-0 run, cutting the lead to seven in the first 75 seconds. Unfortunately, Carrollton had an off night and shot poorly from the free throw line (despite being a solid 74% as a team on the season), and they struggled to make shots throughout the game. Lincoln Mallarnee had the highest score of the night with 17 points, while Thomas led West Branch with 14 points.


Murphy 4-0/1-10 1-1/4-3 Mallarnee 5-3/6-17 Johnson 1-1/2-3 Barkan 0-2/2-2 Birong 3-1/2-8 14fgs 8/17 43 points

West Branch

Jackson 3-0-6 Thomas 6-2/2-14 Robb 3-5/5-13 Anderson 1-0-2 Weaver 1-0-3 Gregory 4-3/4-10 Lane 2-3/4-8 20fgs 12/15 56 points

West Branch.   12---25----11-----8-------56

Carrollton         7----13----15-----8------ 43

3pt: Mallarnee 4, Murphy 2, Robb 2, Weaver, Lane, Birong

Rebs: Branch 30-20

Technicals: Carrollton Coach, Anderson 

Fouled out: Anderson

Credit: Coach Aukerman for post-game stats.

Last Nights Live Broadcast

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