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EBC Basketball & Wrestling Standings Update

Updated: Feb 5

With West Branch claiming the EBC in both girl's and boy's basketball, let's look at the rest of the league and sports programs as the seasons wind down before tournament play.


EBC Boys Basketball

The West Branch Warriors clinched their first EBC title since 2022 by defeating Carrollton on February 2nd. Currently, three out of the six EBC schools - Alliance, Carrollton, and Marlington - are holding a 5-4 record while Minerva is just behind them with a 4-5 record. All four schools are playing against each other on Friday night, with Marlington playing at Alliance and Minerva playing at Carrollton. This could potentially clarify the EBC standings.

  1. West Branch Warriors: Overall 14-3 EBC (8-1)

  2. Marlington Dukes: Overall 8-9 EBC (5-4)

  3. Alliance Aviators: Overall 7-10 EBC (5-4)

  4. Carrollton Warriors: Overall 7-12 EBC (5-4)

  5. Minerva Lions: Overall 11-7 EBC (4-5)

  6. Salem Quakers 5-12 (0-9)


EBC Girls Basketball

 The West Branch Girls have also become EBC champions with a perfect 10-0 record in the EBC 17-2 overall, and are now aiming for a successful playoff run. All EBC games for the girls have been played this season, and their current rankings are as follows. Carrollton Lady Warriors are in 2nd with a 15-4 record (EBC 7-3) followed by Marlington 8-11 (EBC 5-5), Alliance 7-13 (EBC 4-6), Salem 6-10 (EBC 3-6) & Minerva 5-15 (EBC 1-9).

  1. West Branch Warriors: Overall 17-2 EBC (10-0)

  2. Carrollton Warriors: Overall 15-4 EBC (7-3)

  3. Marlington Dukes: Overall 8-11 EBC (5-5)

  4. Alliance Aviators: Overall 7-13 EBC (4-6)

  5. Salem Quakers: Overall 6-10 EBC (3-6)

  6. Minerva Lions: Overall 5-15 EBC (1-9)


EBC Wrestling

The Carrollton Warriors have a commanding 4-0 lead in the EBC this year. They will be dueling against the Minerva Lions on Thursday night in what promises to be an exciting match. The Quakers of Salem sit right behind them in 2nd at 3-1 with their only duel EBC loss coming by the hands of Carrollton. The rest of the EBC standings are as follows: Minerva (1-1), Marlington (1-3), West Branch (1-3), & Alliance (0-4).

  1. Carrollton Warriors: EBC 4-0

  2. Salem Quakers: EBC 3-1

  3. Minerva Lions: EBC 1-1

  4. Marlington Dukes: EBC 1-3

  5. West Branch Warriors: EBC 1-3

  6. Alliance Avaitors: EBC 0-4


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