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Warriors win their 4th straight game vs Alliance, 58-45

Last night's EBC matchup did not disappoint! WHAT A GAME! A back-and-forth high-flying physical game came down in the late 4th quarter as the Carrollton Warriors defeated the Alliance Aviators 58-45.

Warriors Lincoln Mallaree moved into the Top 10 scoring list tonight, passing his dad, Kris, and former Iowa Hawkeye star John Lowdermilk - with 882 points!

Full stats below courtesy of Coach Aukerman:


Murphy 4-0-9 Lonca 0-0-0 Mallarnee 9-5/6-26 Barkan 5-2/2-13 Birong 3-1/1-7 Brooks 1-0-3 Fg:22 Ft: 8/9 58 points


Proctor 4-3/3-12 Jackson 3-0/2-6 Davis 4-2/2-13 Hawkins 3-2/4-8Gress 2-2/2-6 Fgs: 16 Ft: 9/13 45 points

Carrollton 12---14---16----16-----58

Alliance. 13---11---12-----9-----45

3pt: Mallarnee 3, Davis 3, Barkan, Brooks, Murphy, Proctor

Fouls: Carrollton 18-15

Rebs: Alliance 28-22

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