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Warriors win 5th straight at Salem, 51-49

The Carrollton Warriors were able to secure their fifth consecutive win and move up to second place in the EBC after beating Salem 51-49 on the road, thanks to their impressive defensive performance

in the first half.

Carrollton maintained the lead throughout the game, but crucial free throws from Barkan and Johnson in the final seconds secured the win.



Murphy 2-2/2-8 Lonca 0-1/2-1 Mallarnee 2-15/18-20 Thomas 0-0-0  Johnson 0-1/2-1 Barkan 2-2/2-6 Birong 6-3/4-15 Brooks 0-0-0 12fgs 24/20 ft 51 points 


Fink 4-1/1-12 Steele 2-2/2-7 Reisen 1-4/4-6 Bailey 4-2/6-10 Beck 1-0-2 Sampson 2-3/4-9 Jones 1-1/2-3 15fgs 13/19fts 49 points

Carrollton.   11--13---16-----11------51

Salem           8---8----17-----16------49

3pt: Fink 3, Murphy 2, Sampson 2, Steele, Mallarnee

Rebs: Carrollton 29-22 (Birong 11)

Thank you Coach Aukerman for the stats!

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