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Warriors fall to Linsy Prep 76-57

Carrollton managed to take a late third-quarter lead against the undefeated West Virginia prep school, Linsy (14-0), with a Bryce Lonca bucket that put the score at 43-42. However, the Cadets responded with a 13-1 run to end the quarter, taking an 11-point lead and pulling away in the fourth. Murray from Linsy hit three threes in the closing minutes and was the game's top scorer with 26 points. Meanwhile, Lincoln Mallarnee from the Warriors had an impressive 25 points, with 14 of those coming from the free-throw line where he made 17 attempts. Andre Birong had another double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds, while Braylen Murphy also finished in double figures with 11. Looking ahead, Carrollton is set to host first-place West Branch on Friday for a highly anticipated showdown between the top two teams in the EBC.


Murphy 5-0/0-11 Lonca 2-1/3-5 M Brooks 0-0-0 Mallarnee 4-14/17-25 Thomas 0-0-0 Johnson 0-1/4-1 Birong 3-4/4-12 Husted 0-0-0 E Brooks 1-0-3 Haun 0-0-0 Cook 0-0-0 15fgs 20/28ft 57pts


Taylor 1-0-3 Lubowa 3-0-7 Keeman 0-1/2-1 Petrovic 3-1/1-7 Vaysabach 2-0-6 Salazar 7-0-14 Murray 9-3/4-26 Gill 2-0-6 Gustovic 1-0-2 Farrin 1-0-2 Zhang 1-0-2 30fgs 6/7ft 76 pts

Carrollton    13----15-----16-----13-----57

Linsly          17----15------23----21-----76

3pt: Murray 5, Mallarnee 3, Birong 2, Gill 2, Vaysabach 2, Taylor, Lubowa, Murphy, Brooks

Rebs: Linsly 35-23 (Birong 10)

Thank you coach Aukerman for the stats and script!

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