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Louisville Welcomes New Priest

St. Louis Parish and Sacred Heart of Mary Parish welcome Father Matt Humerickhouse. Father Humerickhouse has served as a parochial vicar at both Saint Charles Borromeo Parish and Saint Luke Parish in Boardman. He also held the position of chaplain at Cardinal Mooney High School.

Get to know Father Humerickhouse

Father Humerickhouse was ordained as a priest on August 8th, 2020, after having successfully earned his Bachelor's degree in Theology from Walsh University in 2013. Recently, he has also completed his Master's of Divinity degree from St. Mary's Seminary in Cleveland, showcasing his dedication and commitment to his chosen field of study.

During his leisure time, he finds joy in various outdoor activities such as playing disc golf, fishing, and hiking.

Farewell Dinner

A farewell dinner will be held at Sacred Heart on the 24th of June at 5:30 pm to express gratitude towards Father Thomas Cebula, thanking him for his contributions to the parish and the community.

New Service Times

Starting from July 1st, Sacred Heart of Mary Parish will be holding its service on Saturdays at 4 pm, while St. Louis Parish's service will be on Sundays at 8:30 am. Stay updated on service times, events, and more by visiting their website. -

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