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Alliance Top Aviators

Taegan Evans and the Straggat Media Network recently had the opportunity to interview three talented track and field athletes who traveled to Jesse Owens Stadium in Columbus to compete against Ohio’s top athletes for a chance to place on the podium. These athletes were determined to give their all and showcase their skills. It was an intense competition, but they were up for the challenge. The excitement and energy of the event were palpable, and each athlete pushed themselves to the limit to achieve their goals. It was clear that their hard work and dedication paid off, and they left the stadium with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Hear about the experiences of Brendan Zurbrugg, Carter Lewis, and La'Kasja Edwards during their time in Columbus in the video below.

Brendan Zurbrugg Junior

Brendan placed 5th in the 300-meter hurdles down in Columbus at the OHSAA State Track Meet. Brendan is a talented athlete who excels in football, basketball, and track. He has made a commitment to play football for the Syracuse Orange in New York and plans to enroll early for spring football for the Orange.

La'Kasja Edwards Senior

La'Kasja took 11th in discus at the OHSAA State Track Meet in Jesse Owens Stadium. This fall, La'Kasja intends to pursue her track and field career in discus by attending the University of Akron.

Carter Lewis

Carter placed 4th in shotput down in Columbus at the OHSAA State Track Meet. This fall, Carter is set to attend the University of Mount Union and is excited to participate in the track and field team, particularly in shot-put and potentially other events. His ultimate aim for the upcoming freshman season is to become the O.A.C. conference champion in shot-put and qualify for nationals.

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