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2nd Fridays Grooves

June 2nd Fridays did not disappoint as the streets were filled with good times and good vibes. As the excitement of 2nd Fridays and summer set in, a multitude of people flooded into downtown Louisville to check out everything the local festival had to offer.

Kicking things off

The gathering was truly enjoyable, offering a wide range of activities that catered to everyone's age and preferences. The McKinley Bulldog Step Team started off 2nd Fridays in Umbrella Alley with a vibrant performance, dancing under the colorful umbrellas.

In the distance, the sound of semis' horns could be heard while the children of the community participated in the Touch-A-Truck event at the Louisville Public Library, beside the Discovery Center.

Market Days

For those who enjoy locally sourced goods, the St. Louis parking lot's Market Days is a must-visit. While you peruse the local vendors and shops, your children can play in the St. Louis playground. Lead reporter Taegan Evans had a conversation with one of the vendors, Casey Ellington of Ellington Farms, about her booth and the significance of supporting local businesses. Check out her interview to learn more.

Visit Canton

During the recent 2nd Fridays event, Pigskin and Visit Canton made their debut appearance. They interacted with attendees, distributing stickers and posing for photos. Additionally, Pigskin participated in Touch-A-Truck and even held an axe from the Louisville Fire Dept. Taegan Evans had the opportunity to interview Pigskin and Visit Canton while they visited Umbrella Alley and 2nd Fridays.

Grooving in the Downtown

Overboard-The Love Boat Band, headliners for 2nd Fridays, lived up to expectations and had the crowd dancing all night long with the ultimate AM Gold hits of the 1970s.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Everyone who attended the 2nd Fridays event in Downtown Louisville had a wonderful time. The community gathering was a great fit for people of all ages.

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